Monday, August 27, 2012

Not willing to PAY???

For some people, they are not willing to pay RM2K++ to get 1 set of PB.

These are the few reasons from various pEOplE..& let me explain WHY YOU still NEED IT!!

1)     "too expensive" - like i said, prevention is better than cure. If this PB can prevent u from cancer, you will save RM100K++ of medical bill for CANCER treatment which includes surgery + chemotherapy + radiotherapy + physiotherapy! (THINK AGAIN!)

2)     "tak mampu" - If we can afford to buy some other branded stuff, why can't we spend some on PB for our own health. With PB, you can actually save the budget, because you will no longer need to shop for normal bra.

3)   "husband tak bagi" - this PB is not only for your own good. It can help you to improve your marriage life and intimacy.

4)     "tunggu budget" - you can actually plan for the budget and you are the one who can set the priority! bila dah sakit yg datang..ape guna harta2 yg lain Sumanya nak cantik2 spt baju cantik+handbag cantik+kereta cantik first but ur health??. So protect yourself first!....

5)     "im not married yet/im not a mother yet" - don't wait until you are getting fat. Skinny women should also wear PB to shape up the body curves (from a flat chest+butt to a curvacious body!) You should get a nice body curves right before getting married/pregnant..and surely, your future husband will love it even more!! After all, GUYS really adore a curvaceous BODY! ;) PB can also improve your fertility, if you are planning to have a baby soon!

6)     "i can just diet/i can just exercise" – ramai yg ckp mcm nie…tp larat ke bile tgk makanan yg sedap2 kita x dpt mkn sbbnya nak diet…rugi tau…..with PB, you can actually burn up the calories more as it increases your metabolism rate. PB user can have a nice body shape without exercise and diet…..we just have to discipline our self by wearing it for 8hours/day and drink 8 glasses of water

7)     "i'm ok with my body now..husband pon tak kisah" - Your husband might say that they don't really care, but deep down inside..lelaki mana taknak isteri cantik..inside and out! They are just being nice and taknak sakitkan hati. But once, you are in shape again..then you will notice that he will be moreee into YOU and mcm2 pujian la ;)

8)  "malas laa..rimas nak pakai" - penyakit M.A.L.A.S nih plg susah nak ubati. kalau semua pon dah malas..there's nothing you can achieve in life. NAK seribu daya, TAKNAK seribu alasan diberikan…tp klu tgk org lain berjaya & kaya…..jgn jealous plak…

We are here to help you but the decisions is all up to you. Just read it with an open heart and mind :) minta maaf klu ada yg terasa…


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